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Studs Terkel’s conversations with America are among the best you’ll ever hear. Learn more about him:

The PRI show THE WORLD features terrific radio conversations about language itself. Here’s one of them:

Brandon Stanton on his site HUMANS OF NEW YORK walks and listens like the finest of folk journalists:

Phil Proctor from the Firesign Theater has a fun site where he opens with: “Hello, humanlings and earthloids!  You are now embarked upon a journey that will most certainly change the way you think forever!”

Elvis Mitchell on “The Treatment” conducts great conversation with the director of the movie Creed here in Santa Monica:

My friend Lisa Fliegel is an international Trauma therapy specialist and talks here about holding respectful conversations:!How-does-conversation-take-place-with-authority-and-respect/c16ee/5661481f0cf203d325e999cf


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