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Benoit Tardif

Benoit Tardiff


Speaking of conversations,  the other day in a New York Times’ new feature called “Here to Help,” came this offering: HOW TO HAVE MORE ENGAGING EVERYDAY CONVERSATIONS.

Wow! The New York Times has spoken! I guess I don’t have to offer any more tips now do I?

I’ll link to the article at the bottom of this column, but here is the opening of their story:

” Ask people what they miss most about college, and many will mention something similar: the intellectual stimulation of living near hundreds of thousands of potential friends, studying physics, psychology and literature, with the time to talk over a meal or some drinks late into the night. But there are ways to keep that conversational spirit alive no matter where you are. Here are three pieces of advice.

  1. Unite around a common interest
  2. Be friendly, open and polite
  3. Don’t overthink it “


I want to add these most excellent convo kickstarters from my friend Nick O’Connor, lines he says he heard Spalding Grey try out:

  1. What do you do for fun?
  2. What happened to you on the way over here?


So as I head to a college reunion in Middletown, Connecticut, I’ll leave you this link to the Times column and make sure that as I walky the old campus I talky into the night with me old college chums…


Until then, talk with me

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